Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?

 by Paul Gauguin

תמיר גרינברג

מתוך הספר "נפש ערומה" עדה למפרט

seance session- Nicola Gördes & Hadar Mitz

Circle songs workshop- Yael Miller (Geneva)

Yael directed a circle songs workshop, with 15 guests, most of them never sang before.


Each voice produced a different repetitive sound that assembled to a harmonic and dis-harmonic ensemble, creating a holy atmosphere of a modern choir. 

"I heard in Netflix movie, that time is flexible.


This happens if we come closer to the center of the earth, after crossing the lava, approaching the enormous mass of the nucleus.


There, time curves and slows down.


I feel, it is the essence of my dreams, to be close to the navel of life, to my own zero point, to my heart."


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