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פרט מתוך 16 דרכים לגרום לכיסא לרחף.JPG

2021 / Jaffa Well House

Curator / Adiya Porat

‏Supported by an exhibition grant of Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality & Rabinovich Foundation for Arts

Press- Haaretz | Harama Magazine

Link to the full text by Savyon

“I have long assumed that in nature there existed a universal fluid which penetrated all animate and inanimate bodies”                                                                                                                                              Franz Anton Mesmer


From the dawn of history, people and ghosts have been haunting each other. The invention of the camera in the 19th century introduced a new medium to attempt to investigate and study the ghostworld: semi transparent ghostly figures that the naked eye could not perceive appeared all of a sudden on the photograph’s paper as an evidence to the metaphysical reality, whilst the photographer was seen as a mediator between the world of the living and that of the dead. Through photography techniques of long or multiple exposures, they unveiled a reality that could not be seen without the apparatus of the camera.

This body of works revolves around a process of following the footsteps of those first photographers-tricksters-mysticans (such as William H. Mumler, The Fox Sisters), whose practice involved both magic, sorcery and spiritualism.

I aim to become a performer of acts of wonder, while using the camera as a tool to substantiate the elusive existence of ethereal beings. My intention is to create a dark space, a parallel and subtle world, where light beams will expose photographs and videos that will transmit messages from the supernatural world. The almost absent, immaterial presence of the spirits will influence the spectator’s perception and visceral sensation.

Solo exhibition

אורח רוח.jpeg

Raven & Swan, inkjet print, 70*70 cm


Ectoplasm, inkjet print, 110*70 cm

(מוקטן) 16 דרכים לגרום לכיסא לרחף.jpg

How to make a chair float in 16 ways, light box, 50*70 cm

Water Tower, 2021, video, 2:21"

collaboration with Anat Handelsman & Avishay Zawoznik


Ouija board, light box, 20*30 cm


Doors, light box, 20*30 cm


Zoetrope- Hovering Skull

twin stranger.JPG

A 130 * 30 cm light table, on which a series of semi-transparent photographs are displayed,

Visitors are invited to place the photographs on top of one another and compose different narratives

A 130 * 30 cm light table with semi-transparent photographs enables visitors to layer images, merging parallel realms.

שחור על לבן.JPG

Vanitas, mixed media, 30*50 cm

טבע דומם.jpg

Vanitas, mixed media, 30*50 cm

אסטרואיד קטן.jpg
אסטרואיד שיתוף פעולה עם תום לאב צילוםתום לאב.jpg

Asteroid, Installation view, collaboration with the artist Tom Love.

A rotating light fixture in a closed room casts a beam of ultraviolet light that reveals thousands of butterfly wings printed on the walls.

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