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בית קנדינוף, יפו    |   5.12.18-1.4.19 

Solo exhibition


2018 / Beit Kandinof, Jaffa

Curators Naama Klaiman & Inbar Goldberg

Guests artists / Noah Jordan  & Maryse Andraos

Now-Here and here and Nowhere unite in the same word.
I want to point the present moment, where the specific place evaporates, the time becomes continuous or disappears, irrelevant, and remains only the delay of the present moment, which can not be defined anywhere that exists.

My attempt is to reach an intimate place, to refine our connection with the physical world, in the interface between our own experience and the boundary of the outside world. I desire to frame a beautiful and poetic singular moment, to capture a specific state of accumulation, knowing that the next moment will come and dissolve the existing. The same awareness brings joy and is relieved from holding onto the little beauty that simply was found. In the vote on the current accumulation situation, there is the knowledge that the next moment he will die.

The slow observation of the cloud, the glacier, the wing comes in agreement with the constant, indefinite change that characterizes life.


Horses, 2018, 100*150 cm, inkjet print


Adolescence, 2018, video, 3:00"

Voice and text: Maryse Andraos (Canada)


"Raft, 2018, video, 2:05

Collaboration with the musician Noah Jordan (Canada)



Rock, 2018, 70*75 cm, inkjet print


קרחון 1 copy.JPG

​Dimond, 2018, 42*29 cm, inkjet print

קרחונים קטן.JPG

​Dimonds, 2018, 42*29 cm, inkjet print


אישה קטן.JPG

Wind, 2018, 100*80 cm, inkjet print

wings_Hadar mitz copy.JPG

Untitled,2018, 60*40 cm, inkjet print


Bone Saga, 2018, video, 1:30"

Collaboration with the musician Noah Jordan (Canada)

פנורמה קטן.jpg

exhibition view, Beit Kandinof

הדפסה מראה ענן קטן.jpg

NOWhere, 2018, 60*42, inkjet print


Flock of birds, 2018, 42*29 cm, inkjet print


eyes (2).jpg

Eyes, 2019, 50*60 cm, inkjet print

Fire, 2018, video, 2:27"

collaboration with Noah Jordan 



WhatsApp Image 2019-06-02 at

Exhibition view- Fresh paint art fair 11


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