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ספר על אנימציה_8.JPG

Solo exhibition



2020 / Be'eri Gallery​

Curator Sofie Berzon MacKie‏

Sound / Avishay Zawoznik & Hadar Mitz

Press- Portfolio | Benedicta 

Link to the artist Book - Nebula

Link to the full text by Sofie Berzon MacKie

The Andromeda Nebula is a vast, swirling mass of stars and gas, located over 2.5 million light-years from Earth. If we were to travel there at the speed of light, we would return home to a world that had aged by four million years.

The exhibition deals with the deconstruction of the moments of time into a present that begins again and again and tries to evoke our experience of impermanence and infinity, which are embodied within the ever-present sense of NOW


Exhibition view, 2020, video, 2:09"

documentation: Roee Shalti, sound/ Avishay Zawoznik & Hadar Mitz​


Exhibition View

ערפילית מראה תערוכה

Exhibition view

Carnivorous plant, Mix media sculpture & projection, 400 cm

פרח טורף, 2020, פיסול במדיה מעורבת והקרנה ,400 ס"מ


ספר על אנימציה.JPG

right- Untitled, 2018, light box, 40*60 cm 

left, The origin of the world, 2020, light box, 40*60 cm 

gardient 40X60 copy.jpg

Gradient, 2019, 40*60 cm, inkjet print


Crow, 2020, mix media

פרח טורף

Carnivorous plant, Mix media sculpture & projection, 400 cm

Nebula- solo exhibition (view of the bat
מפל מכל הגלים בעולם

Waterfall from all the waves in the world, 2020, 90*600 cm, inkjet print

Artist Book- Nebula, 2020 | text & editing: Sofie Berzon MacKie | graphics design: Yeal Frolow  , sound: Avishay Zawoznik & Hadar Mitz​

זמן מואט copy.jpg

Book Spread - Nebula

still life+ noga 3.jpg

 Book Spread - artist book


Book Spread - artist book

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