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2017 / Galil Gallery,  Western Galilee college, Akko

Curator / Hagar Bril

 The exhibition supported by the grant of Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for Arts 

Link to the full text 

"We generally tend to understand Nature as the opposite of Culture. Nature is the uncivilized part of the world: a wild, untamed, unsettled realm, free of the restrictions of human order. We, as human beings, have no control over nature and what happens in it. For us, nature is a dark, mysterious place where anything can happen.

And, yet, humans are always trying to define and delimit nature. It is no coincidence that famous fairy tales are set in the forest: There, far from civilization, culture, human morality, and social norms, an evil witch can build her gingerbread house and eat children, a wolf can converse with a little girl, and a werewolf can take refuge until a princess restores him to human form. We try to understand what happens in nature, unlock the mystery of the forces operating in it, and name nature’s constituent parts. To these ends, we harness not only literature, but also the power of science, so that we can forecast the weather and volcanic eruptions, genetically modify food, find water underground, and clone sheep...This exhibition presents different look at nature and offering a poetic interpretation of nature’s darker sides. In their works, natural phenomena are acknowledged for their randomness: the fact they are inevitable actually enhances them, and they assume their place in the gallery space as images of melancholic beauty, purifying pain, and a vague sense of loss." 

-Hagar Bril

Tree Lessons, Video-installation, 3:24" loop




The Two Sides of the Time, inkjet print, 90X60 cm

Swarm of Butterflies, inkjet print, 90X60 cm

Installation View, Documentation: Tal Nisim

Happiness 9 copy.JPG

Phoenix, video -3:08" loop, Sound : Noah Jordan

Phoenix, video -3:08" loop, Sound : Noah Jordan

Phoenix, video -3:08" loop, Sound : Noah Jordan

Phoenix, video -3:08" loop, Sound : Noah Jordan

Butterfly pond, video 5:38"loop​

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