This exhibition suggests a different look at nature and offers a poetic interpretation of the darker sides of nature. Natural phenomena are acknowledged for their randomness: the fact that they are inevitable actually enhances them. They are presented in the gallery 
space as images of melancholic beauty, catharsis and a vague sense of loss.

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 The exhibition was supported by Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for Arts.


Galil Gallery

 Western Galilee college, Akko


Hagar Bril

Tree Lessons


150*100 cm




The Two Sides of the Time
inkjet print
90X60 cm

Swarm of Butterflies
inkjet print
90X60 cm

Installation View
Documentation: Tal Nisim

Happiness 9 copy.JPG


video -3:08 Min

Sound : Noah Jordan

Butterfly pond 

video -5:38 Min​