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Solo exhibition

2014 /  Faculty of Arts - HaMidrasha

Curators / Alona Friedberg & Erez Israeli

press : Ha'artz & The Window

The exhibition focuses on issues of motion and time, through their embodiment in nature. I seek the interaction between nature and its artificial representations. the work presents the intermediate space created between two worlds, between still imagery and motion.

The images I portray are derived from nature but are never natural objects themselves. They are objects like those displayed in a curiosity cabinet, striving to instruct us about the outside world, and ultimately failing. the images remain incomplete - containing inherent inconsistency, and death. They cheat the viewer, enticing with the opportunity for discovery that can never materialize.

Digital manipulation allows me to create a metaphysical space in which a continuously moving projected image interacts with the frozen motionless objects that comprise its frames. 

The installation creates an encapsulated world, in which time follows different rules and objects exist within that intermediate territory. Upon entering the gallery, the viewer follows the frozen flight of a butterfly in the space - a sculpture of an ongoing cinematic moment.

In the central piece, time nearly stops in a round projection of a figure standing in the middle of a lotus-filled pool. The pool creates a meditative pivot that invites the viewer to turn inwards. 

The installation creates moments of magic, at the end of which deceit is revealed in all its glory. The prehistoric skeleton, seemingly constructed out of dozens of dead moths, is revealed upon closer inspection to be made out of flimsy paper cutouts. The wild animals do not appear, only replicated images of them are portrayed. While the woman remains static in the middle of the pool, the water continues its movement, and the setting sun is exposed as a simple trick of digital animation.

Hold the Sun, 2014, Video, 1:25" (loop)

Narcissus 2014, video, 1:57 (loop)


3_Hold the Sun .jpg

Exhibition view: Narcissus (video projection on Plexiglas), skull (light box)

3 פרפרים copy.jpg

Moth spine, mix media, 350 cm

1 HOLD THE SUN, 2014, מיצב- הקרנות אחוריות על פרספקס, קופסאות אור , ואוביקטים. תערוכת גמר

Exhibition view


Exhibition view

תערוכה ה 2 010 copy.jpg

Rotating Butterfly2014, 3:00" (loop), video projection on a spinning plexiglass

Rotating Moth2014, 3:00" (loop)


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