Residency+Solo Exhibition 

Multidisciplinary project with the  performance artist Savyon Fishlovitch. 

At a time when screens have become our main modes of communication, the action of making the body present, making time and temporality present, is a political act.

In search for silent, of “nothing”,Savyon and I escaped to the desert and to the forest, there the essential forces of life and death are so apparent. There they experienced being one with nature. They have looked for places where the transcendent was present. Through videos, images, and writings they explored different states of matter of the body: living, growing and still, leading to a post-humanism state of mind where the human race is no longer above all other species. Often the attempts to connect to the fundamental archetypes became funny and childish, condemned to fail in trying to touch what is untouchable.

The project was developed in “Art & Architecture Arad” residency in Israel and in “P.A.F - Performing Arts Forum” in France. In addition, we had an artist-talk about the project in Hayarkon 19 Gallery.

The project was exhibited in Hanina gallery at December 2016.


Art & architecture Arad Residency 

P.A.F - Performing Arts Forum


Curator / 

Hadas kedar (Arad)




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