Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?

 by Paul Gauguin

תמיר גרינברג

מתוך הספר "נפש ערומה" עדה למפרט

seance session- Nicola Gördes & Hadar Mitz

The ghost town

One day l went on a journey to the dark side of Paris. The ghost town Goasenville.  It's already a decade that the houses there was abandoned because the near airport 'Charles de Gaulle' was acquired the lands and kicked out the  people. Only a jail with  dogs, cemetery and a church left. The dogs were howling in heartbreaking melody.    

The Magician

We found a leftover of a library, with old wet books. l found my treasure, an old book of magic trick!   The face of the magician appeared again and again with the same disturbing smile, the same brown suit, only the choreography of his hands was changing from page to page, trying to hack the way our brain works, to mislead our eyes in alchemy ceremony.

Circle songs workshop- Yael Miller (Geneva)

Yael directed a circle songs workshop, with 15 guests, most of them never sang before.


Each voice produced a different repetitive sound that assembled to a harmonic and dis-harmonic ensemble, creating a holy atmosphere of a modern choir. 

The Hunter room

Étienne-Jules Marey


pioneer of the history of cinema

Marey's chronophotographic gun was made in 1882,

 this instrument was capable of taking 12 consecutive frames

 a second, with all the frames recorded on the same picture

Open studio invitation
At my first open studio event, I invited three artists to preform for 3 nights in a row inside my studio; I wanted to create a space for belonging and community because at the time I felt quite lonely, at this new and foreign city. 

Every night I curated a unique event: We did Seance session, drawing lessons  (of ​hidden objects) and circle songs workshop, all of the activities concentrated in the power of the group to make connections and to meet the "unseen".


Link to the event 

at  June 5, 2019, I participated in the event "art in jet-lag" curated by Yves Chiu (Taiwan).

I led a night walk, which started at 3 am. they heard a sound-work through headphones while walking beside the Seine river bank and watching the reflections of the newborn moon.

The work was an assemblage of texts I wrote and stars sounds from NASA archive. 

Link to the event 

"I heard in Netflix movie, that time is flexible.


This happens if we come closer to the center of the earth, after crossing the lava, approaching the enormous mass of the nucleus.


There, time curves and slows down.


I feel, it is the essence of my dreams, to be close to the navel of life, to my own zero point, to my heart."


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