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הצבה קאוור.jpg

Interactive project

Three objects create a nature morte  scene and are reanimated via technology and act as stages in the grieving process.

The first object is in the form of a seashell that acts as a "Comfort Object"; it retains the deceased’s heartbeat. The viewer is invited to take hold of the seashell and place it close to their own hearts. The second object is a weeping black stone that sheds tears when detecting the presence of a person. It has the mechanics of an hourglass containing dripping tears, while the griever processes their pain and emotions. The last and final object is a stuffed, white bird that giggles with the same voice of the deceased every time somebody laughs. Together with humor and laughter, the bird marks acceptance and emerges through the sorrow with renewed energy.


Another part of the project is the library of "Mourning Objects". Visitors of the exhibition received a questionnaire that was designed to help them think about parameters for a customized object, their answers were entered into an AI system that generated an image of the object.

2022 / Hansen House

Mentor/ Itay Laniado 


Stage 1: Pulsating Seashell

IMG_8961 copy_edited.jpg

Stage 2: Weeping Stone

An "hourglass of tears" that drips for a limited time every day


Stage 3: Laughing Bird

Laughter-sensitive AI

קונכיה ציפור ואבן הצבה copy.jpg

Installation view

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